Sunday, July 15, 2007

Indomie Rage

It's time for me to come down from my organic high-horse with a confession to my readers. I've forced gallons of organic juices down my kids throats and carried whole-grain energy bars and raisins in my purse to snack on. I refuse to give my babies formula and only rarely let my kids eat candy. Besides my occasional binges on booty-food, I eat healthy and so do my kids. Oh, how the high-and-mighty have fallen...and fallen straight onto my hypocritical a**:

I've been needing an Indomie fix at least once a day...usually late at night. I get withdrawal symptoms which include grumpiness and not helping old ladies in supermarkets like Hema when she's having a PotNoodle rage:) (all symptoms of instant-noodle withdrawal syndrome)

My housekeeper is the one who got me started on it, and she got my kids hooked too like some sort of Indonesian carb pusher. And the stuff stinks! We all reek after eating it but I can't stop. Is there a rehab for this stuff?


Marie-Aude said...

I'm afraid not :) we don't have it here in Germany, but some english friends told me about, and it seems realy addictive:)

hema said...

welcome to the junk food club! you feel really crappy and dehydrated most of the time, have no energy and really bad skin.. but it tastes so--o good:)

Cairogal said...

Is it the Indonesian version of Ramen Noodles?

Saudi Jawa said...

As a former Indomie addict you have my sympathies SSW. The "Mie Goreng" flavor (fried noodles) is one of the most addictive substances known to man. The only cure is eating it so much that you get sick from the whole MSG overload. Even now after years of going cold turkey I still find myself longing for the occasional plate!

To cairogal:
Yep that's right.

Ann said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Saudi Stepford Wife, I love your posts. I saw the picture of Indomie and smiled, and now I'm looking forward to see what you have to say about the seeds in the next post!

I first saw Ramen Noodles when I visited a friend probably 25 years ago. I liked them, but I didn't eat them much after that. But since I came here, I always have some Indomie in the cupboard. It's a very quick, very easy meal when I don't feel like making anything else. I don't know about evry day though! ;)

If you want to feel less guilty, you can chop up some tomatoes, green onions, etc., and add them in. Or any leftover chicken... or corn... or just about anything.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

marie-aude- I bet Germans have their own versions of it, it seems everyone does...ask a German university student since they always have foods like instant noodles:P

Hema- so true, i type this with cotton-mouth despite the liters of water I drank before sleeping. This is mostly due to the lateness of my cravings, it's never before 11pm.

Cairogal- exactly, I'd forgotten about Ramen Noodles, you can see how long I've lived abroad! My sister likes them and I always gave her the "they're so not healthy" speech only to 'eat my words':P

Saudi Jawa- so true about the "fried noodle" flavor. We bought another flavor by accident (chicken I think) but we didn't like them, partially because the smell was soooo strong! I've got to find something to take Indomie's place, and soon!

Ann- I've been trying to find a way to fit more organic olive oil (the only kind a person should buy)into my diet and I don't like it on salad so instead of using the little oil packet inside the pouch, I've been dousing it with my own oil and only a dash of that rotten flavored powder. Since I've been transitioning to ALL whole-grains in my diet (such as brown breads and flour) I hate the thought of all that useless dough with empty calories sitting in my gut, nothing can counteract that.

Umm Adam said...

It's def the MSG. Our Indonesian housekeeper got everyone but dh and I hooked. Aftyer she left a year ago I stopped buying it, because I didn't want the kids eating it on a regular basis. Now that my nephew is home for the summer, I bought a huge box of the only flavor they like (fried egg). My 7 year old daughter started complaining of blurry vision, headaches, and onstant nosebleeds. It all took place around the same time people on my blog were advising me to becareful of the ayn (evil eye). My dh recognised MSG symptoms and sure nuff INDOMIE is packed with it. As soon as wee took her off (cold turkey) she has not complained since walhamduillah!

hedoorientia said...

Yep, Saudi Jawa and Umm Adam are right - its the MSG! It is well known to be one of the worst triggers of migraine... so I would perhaps reduce the amount the kids are eating. East Asian food is in general packed with it - they even sell it in huge bags in stores (looks like salt/sugar) and its often called "chinese salt". MSG stands for monosodiumglutamat, but there are variations to it - and its usually found in all instant pre-made food. In Europe its in the E600-group of food additives.
I know cause I was married to a guy who would get heavy migraines for 3-4 days if he accidentily ate it... so I was the MSG watchdog.

Saudi Jawa said...

MSG is the bane of Asian food. Some have attributed the higher than average eyesight failure amongst Asian people to this damned poison. I've weaned myself off MSG ever since I put too much of it while cooking and ended up sick the whole day.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Um Adam, hedoorentia, SaudiJawa-
I think I'm gonna try weaning us off of it, I'll decrease the powder slowly each time as I'm trying to find a healthier option inshallah.
Another big culprit of MSG poisoning is Maggi. The only thing is it tastes sooooo good. In England I could use chicken broth in my cooking but I can't find a good alternative here. Anytime we run out of it, food just doesn't taste quite right because Saudis use it in so many things.