Sunday, July 22, 2007

More American Hasawis

We have a new friend that we've welcomed into the fold of the SBB (Sunday Bitching Brigade). The first thing I did was introduce myself then convince her to read my blog when she got home that night. Poor dear, I got her hooked on blogging now too. She's just starting up so keep an eye out in the near future for posts... if she's ever able to put down her adorable twin baby girls to type:)

From the new blog Camel Crusher :
Welcome to my blog. I hope that you will find my stories interesting. I know I have believe me. I am here to create the picture of an AMERICAN wife, married to a Saudi. The ups and downs, acception, denial. Top 10 of Saudi Arabia. Driving to Dammam, Khobar. Spongebob

Al Hassa, Hoffuf, SA


UmmAbdurRahman said...

i recently met an american married to a Hassawi. I believe he is from hofuf(Sp?)

I was like.. Hey you gotta check out SSW blog.

anyhoo, keep up the blogging. you have a very unique pespective on life in saudi arabia that I truly appreciate.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

weekends off- sorry, I had to delete your comment:(
Your booty-shakin pic wouldn't let the page open for me place my own comments! Thanks for stopping by but I have a question, between blogging and looking at your "eye-candy" boss, are you getting any work done?:P

UmmAbdurRahman- apparently Hasawi boys have a thing for American girls. Tell her to get in touch with me if she ever comes to town so she can sit in on a session of the SBB:)

Weekends Off said...

That's OK, I figured out how to leave a comment without the icon so that won't happen!

LOL and no, I'm not getting much done here at all. My job can really be done with part time hours, but my boss likes me full time so I am here to answer the phone. He doesn't like for people to get voicemail or an answering message so I spent most of my day sitting around waiting for it to ring.

Cãmê£ C®úšhê® said...

Well, finally I get to comment on this

To Ummabdurrahman I am too married to a Saudi he's Hassawi too...

We should all get together for that SBB;).lol

You can catch me on my blog too CamelCrusher...see U there.:D