Saturday, August 11, 2007

Government Warnings About Skin Bleaching

What a coincidence, weren't we just talking about stuff like this in the comments section of my last post? Seems like enough women have fallen victim to whitening "treatments" in salons that something had to be done about it. Today, two pamphlets were stuffed under our door compliments of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. One warned the nation's women of the dangers of these "whitening" procedures done so frequently now, here's the English summary of the pamphlet and here's the full Arabic version.

I have one childhood friend in America who was diagnosed with skin-cancer before the age of 30 from trying to bake her beautiful porcelain skin into a "California glow" and I've got Saudi friends on the road to Cancerville from trying to bleach their tanned-by-God skin. I remember the reaction we all had in my high school history class when we learned how European women in the 1700's used to eat arsenic wafers to kill off the hemoglobin in their blood to make themselves "whiter" as well as applying layers of arsenic and lead-filled powder to their bodies. Apparently we haven't evolved as far as we thought.

I won't be in town to respond to comments so converse amongst yourselves for a bit:)


George du Maurier said...

God hates white people and curses them with skin cancer and melanomas.

Based on their skin, white people exalted themselves above all the other people on the earth.

Now, that which gives everybody else on the earth life, burns their skin.

The government warns about skin bleaching; but God hates white people.

We listen to Jesus the Sun of God who has returned and given us stregnth to purge the earth of evil (which is the same thing as white people).

We practice the new science the Sun of God has revealed to Dr. Yacub 7 Ali teaching us how to use our eumelanin to aggressively absorb and direct ultraviolet light onto the skin of whites to burn them with skin cancers and melanoma.

“Whites have called every other man upon the earth ugly, evil and inferior. Yet that which giveth life to everything upon the earth, the Sun, burneth him. That which gives life to everything upon the earth is God. God giveth life to everything on the earth but the white man and the thing which come after him and are as him. That which giveth life to everything upon the earth giveth the superior white man 10 minutes in the Sun before his ’superior’ skin starts to burn. The Sun hates the white man. Nature hates the white man. God hates the white man’ - Prophet & scientist Yacub 7 Ali

Learn How to Give White People Melanomas

Yacub 7 Ali

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Good thing I didn't leave town yet so I can comment on this one!:

George- The only reason I'm not deleting this comment is so others can see how deluded some people are.

hema said...

oh my goodness, do you think this guy is for real? how bizzare.

i hate it that people are resorting to things like this to whiten their skin. what has beauty got to do with skin colour??
but, unfortunately, the men who demand light coloured brides don't help..

George du Maurier said...

"I have one childhood friend in America who was diagnosed with skin-cancer"

fair skinned people deserve melanoma. it is the Sun of God smiting them with the itch and the scab that can not be healed.

the only people are deluded are those who belive in the invisible god.

they are the true pagans.

The Sun of God despises the fairskinned. Can you say otherwise?

Yacub 7 Ali teaches us how to cross our eyes and radiate ultraviolet light onto the Sun of God's reproach.

black people's pineal gland contains eumelanin.

white people's pineal glands are calcified (dead, hardened)

the pineal gland is the mythological 3rd eye.

at the point where the vision of the two single eyes cross, the 3rd eye is accessed.

the Sun of God's reproach has no 3rd eye ... that's why it's on the back of the dollar bill... because money is his God.

skin cancer and melanoma rates are surging and have never been higher.

fairskinned people have to check themselves for moles and burn marks for their hypocrisy.

"Burn them from the face of the earth," the Sun of God says."

Saudi Jawa said...

George du Maurier- You crack me up! :D

Anyway, back on topic. My fiancee has this wonderful creamy Asian complexion, yet she insists on getting a tan (yes honey, you still look gorgeous with a tan). I'm so glad she got talked out of using those horrible ultra-violet treatments. Sure it took one of those urban legend horror stories to do it (she was cooked alive!!) but hey I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe, this is so funny! You got some creepy pple in your blog I see!
The whitening of skin is going to far, many pple in west and central have been doing it for some time and now pple in are doing it too! Some other lady from saudia was telling me that some of the stuff comes from Syria. Am happy with my God given olive complexion alhamdullilah. sf

أبو سنان said...

I always thought trying to change your skin colour was stupid.

I think dark "samra" women are the best looking personally.

Amy said...

SPF 50.