Saturday, May 12, 2007

5 Words I Think I Use The Most

I've been tagged by Samia (sorry it took so long) in Denmark to write about the 5 words I think I use the most. This is the brainchild of my friend in the UK Hema. Samia has an interesting piece on her chat with a Nazi.

  1. "No" -I have small children.
  2. "Actually"- I start too many sentences like this during conversation.
  3. "Really"- my emphasis word. I usually stretch it out reeeeeeeally long for extra emphasis.
  4. "Shhhhh"- not really a word but I say it often. I value peace and quiet.
  5. "Sleep"- as in "go to sleep", "Man, I need some sleep", and "I'd do anything to sleep 6 straight hours".

I don't as yet have too many established blog buddies so I'm just gonna tag DesertFlower. This tag isn't entirely without merit, it gives some insight into our lives. Don't worry Hema, I'll make sure in the future to tag you first in revenge for creating a tag.


hema said...

my tag has gone all the way to america i'm rather proud of myself for annoying so many people actually:)

Saabirah said...

"i'm rather proud of myself for annoying so many people actually:)" - why? It's not like it's difficult for you...