Thursday, May 17, 2007

How Am I Stingy?

This is me putting my literature degree to good use- my mock sonnet parodying Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee?" Sonnet#43.

How am I stingy? Let me count the ways.
I am stingy to the depth and breadth and height
My salary can reach, when feeling funds are tight
For the ends of frivolity is just before paydays.
I am stingy to the level I rush to today’s
Most advertised sale, since full prices bite.
I am stingy openly, not embarrassed, I’m right;
I am stingy most purely, when prices soar like a kite.
I am stingy with a passion put to use
In the shopping mall, it comes from the depths of my heart
I am stingy with a tightfistedness I seem not to lose
With my pay raises- I am stingy, with money I hate to part,
Half price sale’s my soul’s delight!- and, due to lack of floos*,
I shall be stingy in the loading of my cart.

*money-colloquial Arabic


Anonymous said...

*Priceless* sf :)

Desert Flower said...

That was funny and very creative~! Although I don't understand the stinginess as I am the opposite. I do like a good deal though but when I want something and have put my mind to it there is no stopping me.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

sf- oh, great pun, a woman after my own heart:)

and thanks to desertflower who didn't recall legend's of my stinginess in action. She's been shopping with me more than a few times and could tell some tales.

I'm may have to rename myself Saudi Stingy wife.

Anonymous said...


That was cute haha..methinks your creative juices have found their outlet eh?

I don't think I'm "stingy" but I like a good bargain - I tend to steer clear of the malls and hit the souks - there's more imagination to be found there (in my opinion) and it's a challenge to see how far I can stretch a dinar.

And uh - less guys looking for girls, for the most part. No starbuck's in the souks, I guess. :Þ

On a sidenote, d'you suppose you tend to be a bit stingy in parting with hard-earned riyals because there's just only so much per paycheque - and you're stretching it to meet both the "wants" and the "needs" list, as much as possible? For me, if I'm saving for a family holiday then that has to make me careful in my regular budget, or there won't be enough leftover..

Methinks we need oil wells in our backyards. Oh wait - I don't have a backyard! :P

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

I've forgone Malls and the souk unless absolutely necessary. I've found a magical place, kinda like a Shia strip mall. The entire women's souk (almost) is run by Shia entrepreneurs and seems to be the place the suckers go. Then there's the Shia area of town with great stuff in the shops, same brands as in the souk, but for at least 25%+ less! None of this stuff is western but it's great for kids clothes, underwear, baby stuff, etc.

I haven't bought anything except maternity clothes from the souk and an abaya (I'm on the tall side so they must be tailor-made for me). I'm in LOVE with CityMax (I'm sure it's in Kuwait because it's in Dubai too). I wait, not buying a thing for myself until our quick trips to Dammam and do speed shopping in that place. Great prices and cute clothes.

Anonymous said...

*scribbles this down...c-i-t-y-ma-x-* okay, I'm going hunting for this. I haven't seen or heard of it yet, but that's not surprising.

I find Kuwait bloody expensive for clothing. (that may be cuz I'm accustomed to great sidewalk sales, non-designer brands and the like) speaking of tall, my daughter is 6'. So I can relate to the need for custom abayas!

haha re the shia sector - you go girl! If there was such an area in Kuwait, I'm sure my husband would tell me no way jose!

Cairogal said...

Saw there's a new version of the Saudi notes out-a very 'airbrushed' version!

Casmee said...

Not stingy. Frugal is the word!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Casmee- If you knew me in real life, you'd have to call it like you saw it..out and out stingy! But thanks for trying to make me sound better than I am :)

Cairogal- I think I may be dense at the moment..."Saudi notes?" I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

With the rate of inflation here in Bahrain, I too have become rather stingy with my dinars.

They just don't get you very far these days!!

hema said...

i wish i was stingy.

ps update already!

Desert Flower said...

Cariogal was talking about the new look for the Saudi money. It was posted in all the papers and I think my hubby said they released the 50's alredy.

Anonymous said...

SSW, Love your sense of humor, why not become a columnist on Gulf News or Arab News..?

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Thank you so much for your lovely compliment Abdallah , unfortunately I know my personality. The minute I would HAVE to perform is the minute I wouldn't be able to write a word! I hope that you and your loved ones were spared damage from the storm a few days ago...the pictures of the wreckage left in Oman were terrible!