Sunday, October 7, 2007

Disappearing Daisy

I'm the incredible shrinking Daisy!

Fasting doesn't bother me much. I'm an "eat to live" kinda gal anyway so as long as I get a caffeine fix at least once a day, I'm fine. Trouble is, I usually don't eat full meals on my best days- I'm a picky eater (not variety, just the method). I eat enough but it's a result of picking at small amounts of generally healthy food during the course of the day and/or while cooking and I rarely eat a full plate of food at any meal.

I delivered Buddy last Ramadan and wasn't able to make up those days till the month before this, resulting in two consecutive months of fasting. I think that 's why I'm so ready for Eid this year. Since my picking habits have been altered by Ramadan and I'm not staying up the whole night grazing like most people I know, I'm losing my 'womanly' curvesL

Want to follow the Daisy Diet Plan too? It's as easy as this:

  1. Fast 2 months straight.
  2. Breastfeed an insatiable infant till he sucks the vary life-force out of you.
  3. Stress yourself out with trying to write an academic research paper with three children home on school vacation.
  4. Make yourself so tired that by the time it's sunset and you're allowed to eat, fall asleep a few minutes after taking your first bite. Then, don't sleep any more than 4 hours in any 24 hour time period.
  5. Don't buy any of your favorite bootyfoods from Dammam because it's too hard to go anywhere during Ramadan.

Seeing as how I'm too stingy to go and buy clothes to fit my new Ramadan figure, I'll just have to gain the weight back after Ramadan's finished:P


Anonymous said...
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Suburban said...


You could make your millions marketing that to hollywood types. New! Try the Saudi secret that's been keeping women like Daisy svelte and slim for 1427 years! Run, Don't walk to your nearest bookstore for this life-changing tome.

Silliness aside, I thought breast feeding women were permitted to Skip the fast if they made up the days later? Or was it just too much to think of having to make up so many days in the coming year?

I've always had trouble keeping weight on. I didn't fast last year because my daughter was born during ramadhan, or this year because I was breast feeding, and didn't want it to impact my milk supply. When I lived in the states I used to drink two pints of Half and Half a day to help keep the weight on. Here I eat a lot of butter.

Enjoy the feasting at Eid! Eid Mubarak!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

suburban- women all over the world are going to hate you now! Don't you feel their collective jealousy/hatred searing you through your monitor?!

I've heard on some of those "celebrity slim-down" shows that the stars are now extolling the slimming virtues of breastfeeding so my secret's out!

There were two weeks of Ramadan before I went into labor and can you believe I actually had to justify NOT fasting to everyone and feel their disapproval as if I was going to go to hell for starving myself and baby and going into hypoglycemic shock. I have yet to gain the full amount of pregnancy weight advised by doctors and I look pathetic pregnant. This is the second baby I delivered during Ramadan and I wasn't able to fast up until MaryJo's delivery either which resulted in two consecutive months of fasting that year too. I fasted with EttaMae's pregnancy but I was 6 months pregnant, and felt great so it didn't cause me any hardship.

Breastfeeding women can skip, and the affect on my milk supply is why I had to wait until he was eating/drinking enough from other sources in case it did impact. There'd be no way I'd be able to fast when he was 5 months old and guzzling milk like he was drinking at a college kegger! That's when I'm at my peak of milk production and I was making 40+ ounces of milk per day! MooOOOOooo!

s said...

I actually put on weight when nursing, I know eh, it's the opposite, I just stopped in August,so let's hope I can lose some of the weight (please, please, please!). I think I lost some few lbs this ramadhan, alhamdullilah, I can get into the outfit my sister sent me. Celebrities are just killing themselves slowly, they set these standards that are so crazy that they can't maintain them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the west has this notion of every woman should be size 0, I thought 0 was air, nothing! :)sf

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

sf- I had a friend in America who would be described by most as obese. I saw Arab men fall all over themselves as she passed by they thought she was so gorgeous. Having said that, western people describe my height as "statuesque", but it's considered awful here (especially by my shorter husband).

s said...

Heheheh, you know, one day, I remember, some ajoozas were chatting during my sister's wedding and they didn't know I was *there*, so they go "Oh poor girl,she is just bones(their exact words). It's funny how beauty *changes* in different cultures. sf

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

sf- but a lot of the women I know are crash dieting because (in their opinion) the curvier look is out for the younger generation. A lot of women are asking me what diet I use because their hubbies are complaining.