Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buying Makeup

Cousin1: (in the midst of bickering with her uncle's wife) Daisy, is MAC the same as Makeup4Ever?

Daisy: No, there two different companies. MAC is only 3 letter's, M-A-C..nothing else, that's how you can remember the difference.

Uncle's wife: nuh uh, when I went shopping the last time, the guy called it "mac for ever".

Daisy: then then the guy's just dumb...they are two, completely separate companies and their make-up's totally different too. MAC's made in Canada, I used to love their makeup.

Cousin1: I went to that MAC store at Dhahran Mall, they didn't have any Makeup for Ever there, Daisy's right. MAC makeup is fantastic isn't it.

Daisy: I drove 3 hours all the way to Toronto once just to buy MAC lipsticks (as well as to change scenery a bit). They didn't have MAC in the States yet at that time. That's where I got my nose pierced on my 20th birthday (affirmation of my one-time coolness and freedom to up and go to Toronto on a whim, unlike these days when I have to beg and plead just to get to the grocery store). Ah, those were the days, before marriage + kids.

Uncle's wife: I don't like their foundation though. In fact, I don't like most American foundation.
Daisy: Don't buy American/western foundation, remember, Americans like the "tanned" look so even the lightest shades won't get you the smooth porcelain look your going for.

Cousin1: Amani just bought 500 riyals of MAC make-up then ended up having to toss it all out. After she got home and put it on, it looked like baby crap had been smeared all over her face and since it had been opened, she couldn't return it. She could only test it on her hand at the store and that's not the same as on her face. Do you remember how a long time ago, the MAC store in Rashid mall used to be closed off and have women employees.

Daisy: Yeah, I remember that. That was ages ago though, 8+years maybe. I was so mad when I went there after they did away with the female employees and there was all men there. The first time I went I took off my veil and tried all the make-up on before I bought it. I mean, look (I held my hand up to my jawline) my hand's a completely different shade from my face. Especially these days since all winter I've been taking Buddy outside to the roof everyday so he doesn't get rickets and now I've gotten a tan mainly on my arms since my face moisturizer has sunscreen in it.

Cousin2: you look good darker.

Daisy: Seriously? (really confused...did I just here that come out of a Saudi woman's mouth?!? darker=prettier?!?)

Daisy cont'd: besides, if you want that smooth, white look you should go for that Japanese company Shiseido. Japanese like white complexions where Americans think you look sickly when your too white. (I know, I'm an enabler)

Uncle's wife: Yeah, geisha's.

(everyone's eyes twinkle a bit as they think of themselves donning the "geisha look" for an upcoming wedding in the family...some have come really close with the amount of powder/light make-up they use!)


Cairogal said...

Isn't it funny how all cultures have their own unique beauty standards? You won't find face whitener on the shelves here, but self-tanners are all the rage.

dalioness said...

I find that there are shades of white that truly look beatiful, and there there are some that indeed do make a person look sick (I am talking about natural complexions). Same goes for those of darker skin tones. And me personally, I think i have the weirdest complexion ever in history!! Some areas are white, some are quite dark, some yellowish etc. The worst of it all is in summer, my hands (only hands not arms as they're covered) turn really dark, so that when I am at home it looks like I have tan gloves on, LOL. Same goes for my face, I do not wear niqab (oh I want to), so there is this tan line somewhere in the middle all around my face, so that my face looks like a dark flat plate, if it makes sense! I know, it's awful, but no make up in the world would make the difference. Besides, I've never been a fan of make up, other then (occasionally)mascara and lip gloss. Is there any "cure" for those like me(if those like me exist)??LOL

dalioness said...

Duh, the "cure" for me is to finally start wearing niqab and gloves, but this is a whole 'nother story.

Mama Kalila said...

I have seen face whitener on the shelves here (in US) but it's in "international" stores. I always look at it & shake my head - I'll admit it I fall into the wanting to be darker section, always have.

L_Oman said...

hmmmm. I like my paleness. Yes, I said it. And I'm an amreekia too.

I started hating it though when my s-i-l's would sit next to me, shudder and say, "ugh, you are so white" and cluck their tongues like I was a mutant.

Bedouin Girl said...

I am pale with freckles and red hair and I absolutely adore it. It really makes me stand out in a crowd.

So glad you are back to blogging, we've missed you!

Lavender said...

lol... that is soo true! I lived in Canada and the US most of my life.. and was soo used to the freedom I had... jumping into the car and driving wherever I want... going to the mall without asking questions... going GROCERY shopping without begging! aah the days I tell u... Now in Riyadh, every move has to be begged for... going to the mall has become a privilege!

As for the skin tones... Never in my life bnefore I came to Riyadh (I have lived in other areas of the Gulf before) have I seen entire sections dedicated to whitening products!

Anonymous said...

You're tagged! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love MAC cosmetics though I pick stuff that I have to get with the budget kinda tight(I like their translusent(?) powder, not pasty just minimal coverage, and I rarely use it). You should check on ebay, I think they got lots there. It's true, with american/canadian brands, most of the lotions these days have a *bronzy* colour on it. Am already tanned from my skin colour, no need for extra tanning. LOL. sf

Desert Flower said...

Make-up....now that is one of the areas that I can claim a minimal amount of expertise.

I disagree that American or western foundation is dark as my complexion isn't and I have never had a problem finding foundation. It really is a lot of trial and error since you can't try it on but I would recommend trying different brands until you find one that works for you.

I am of the opinion that make-up should enhance natural features so you should really try not to go darker or whiter than you really are as the effect in my humble opinion is that it is so unattractive.

God created us all different and lets be proud and satisfied with how he created us and stop trying to be something we are not.

When make-up is used right it can enhance your natural beauty but when abused it can make you look like a freakish clown or ghoul

Sumi said...

Assalamu Alaikom!

Lol...so true!

Sis, I was hoping you might feature SISTERS mag on your blog. Its a new mag for Muslim women based in the UK. Subscriptions are Worldwide. Please help support this noble cause! xox


Hijabi Apprentice said...

i second mama kalila w/seeing the skin lighteners here in the US and shaking my head. i'm brown with freckles (thanks dad!) and my skin color goes through a metamorphosis with the changing seasons LOL!

I really love makeup shopping! I like MAC's eyeshadow and blush only. My mom LOVES MAC's lipstick. I've never tried Makeup Forever but I've scoped it out in Sephora.

ma'a salaamah,


Sabra said...

I didn't live here when women were working at the make-up stores in Rashid... I went last summer to buy a particular Chanel lip gloss - that they didn't have - and one of the men working there tried to tell me that another Chanel line was better than the one I like. Oh, really? And you're wearing it, now? I know these little guys are just trying to make a living, but... And I don't even bother buying bras here - get them in the States and bring them back. Went to one of the shops to buy a black strapless bra - told the guy what I wanted and he said, "We don't have that size. This size is the same." No. It isn't! Even the man who sold me my abeya tried to tell me that the size I was getting was too small! I just don't even bother shopping here any more unless it's an absolute necessity.

always in the kitchen said...

I'd always heard that if you washed your face in tree stump water it got rid of freckles.Trust me it doesn't work!

أبو سنان said...

It is odd for a Saudi to say someone looks better darker.

Personally, I like dark skin, but I think that is because I am so white myself.

Amy said...

Ehh... the extent of my make-up buying prowess is L'oreal... did I spell that right? lol. I used to buy Cover Girl stuff (cuz I'm po') in high school, but always ended up with something too dark. Now I realize why, when I've tried the newest foundations at the store, even the lightest shade is a little too dark for my complexion.

And about freckles... I used to have tons on my face, but all my freckles have pretty much softened and aren't as dark--unless I go out in the sun and try to get tan. In which case my freckles get darker and the rest of me burns... sadness. But alhamdulillah it's not something I've done since wearing hijab.

mezba said...

I can't think of why ANY one would go for the geisha look! :-P

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

cairogal- the grass is greener...

dalioness- this is like my husbands complexion; cheekbones different from nose which are both different that his jaw...don't get me started on his neck color! Funny you mentioned hands getting darker, I had that problem when I came back from England during the summer, tanned hands about 5 shades darker than my arms...really stark! forget the gloves...more trouble than their worth, go for longer sleeves if you must (been there, dun that!)

mama kalila- I tried a whitening moisturizer once, I have some sun damage on my nose, it just diffused the light so it shimmered a bit...doesn't "whiten" anything. Of course, this isn't like those harsh chemicals being used.

l_oman- gurl, you must reeeeally be pasty! :-P

bedouin girl- I'm glad you're happy with your color because most redheads wouldn't be able to tan to save their live, or rather, to end it with skin cancer! I missed u guys too....you all brighten my day.

lavender- don't forget whitening on the "menu" at salons too!

threedrinksahead- I'll have to go check it out:-)

sf- Alhumdulillah I've always been able to get my MAC fix in Dammam, and the lipstick lasts so long that I don't need to go that often to buy new.

DF- Now you know that make-up here is an adornment with a presence all on its own! There you go imposing your western views again:-P

Sumi- I'll look into it inshallah.

hijabi apprentice- That's one thing I'm glad nikaab rid me of... freckles. I keep a sun-hat on many times if I'm out too long because I don't' want to revive them! I don't think they're ugly, I just prefer my complexion to look smooth and freckles always messed up my summer pictures!

sabra- don't tell me, you were buying the bra at LaSenza perhaps? I had a salesman try to tell me that once there if that's the case, I think their given a script. I embarrassed the hell out of my husband by saying exactly what you were thinking..."you don't know, you don't wear them".

always in the kitchen- LOL! some of the freckle remedies out there are priceless!

أبو سنان - spoken like a pasty white-boy, LOL! But at least our kids turn out that nice inbetweener color.

amy- while in the west, I don't have freckle/burn/tan issues because there's never anyplace for me to be outdoors and uncovered. Here, however, my only criteria for finding a house/apt to rent is "there must be a place for me to spend time outdoors, uncovered."

mezba- completely different make-up standards exist here! makeup isn't used to enhance beauty, per se, it's more like an object of beauty itself, like a nice ring or hairclip.

dalioness said...

Speaking of beautification, has anyone ever seen or have/had "orange peel" skin at the tip of the nose? You know, enlarged pores? Is there any way to get rid of them, or make them less visible, without caking on make up?

Yasmine said...

I prefer shishiedo since I'm alergic to most other makeup... its really light and very natural looking.. My BF is dark and she had trouble finding a color that would match her skin but not make her look orangy or caky.. I recommended shishiedo and she loved it. their face cleaning products are also extraordinary... none of that residue, alchohol or lanolin to make you greasy and break out...

Anonymous said...

This is just hilarious!

Cousin2: you look good darker.

Daisy: Seriously? (really confused...did I just here that come out of a Saudi woman's mouth?!? darker=prettier?!?)

Daisy cont'd: besides, if you want that smooth, white look you should go for that Japanese company Shiseido. Japanese like white complexions where Americans think you look sickly when your too white. (I know, I'm an enabler)

Uncle's wife: Yeah, geisha's.

(everyone's eyes twinkle a bit as they think of themselves donning the "geisha look" for an upcoming wedding in the family...some have come really close with the amount of powder/light make-up they use!)

That is scary! I hear tales of the makeup seen at weddings from my sister in law who lived in Mecca.

umarah said...

well thats funny

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

dalioness- if you ever find a solution...let me know so I can tell my sister (you know, you're starting to remind me a lot of her!) She's obsessed with those peel-off strips.

yasmine- I never tried the cleansing products, too stingy! But, I'm starting to show my age so I think its time I consider investing in the future of my face.

happyhijabi- ahlan, I'm going to a wedding this weekend **read "FORCED TO GO***, I'm sure I'll have many tales myself!

umarah- :-)

dalioness said...

Daisy, there IS a solution, laser treatments, but that's a whole 'nother issue. I will let you know IF I ever do find out another solution.

sheri said...

this explains why, when i was a makeup artist with Clinique, the indian ladies would come in and when i told them what foundation color they were (after testing several on their face), they ALWAYS bought the one two or three shades lighter.

i just found your blog and am enjoying reading it!!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

dalioness- I heard that laser treatments turn out really bad for people with the really fair skin AND people with darker skin. Fair-skinned people turn red for months afterwards and darker-skinned people have problems with re-pigmentation on the treated skin. I'd thought about it myself but decided against it.

Sheri- I think there's some denial involved, LOL! Welcome to my blog:)

Anonymous said...

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