Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bless my well-wishers

A sincere and profound thank you to everyone who made dua'a and sent their condolences after the death of my dear father-in-law. It really warmed our hearts to read your messages.

Even more thanks for the emails and enquiries as to my state during my latest blogging absence. I wish I could say that all is well but unfortunately I've been chewed-on, swallowed and partially digested by the dark forces that be here in Stepford, Saudi Arabia.

My housekeeper, who'd been at my in-laws since my father-in-laws illness, never returned to my home but rather, had to travel back to Indonesia to tend to her own mother who'd fallen ill. The lack of any adult help in the house (DD doesn't count) coupled with Eid vacation from school immediately followed a few weeks later by the end of term vacation means its been endless child-rearing, cleaning, cooking, washing and dusting.

It's been months since I've visited a friend or one visited me. It's been months since I've gone out of my house more than twice in a week, once for groceries and once to see my MIL on Fridays. I haven't seen the inside of a salon in....can't remember. I have 3 outfits suitable for the cold weather but haven't managed to shop for more. I can't touch my dissertation.

This Daisy's withered on her stem and is barely recognizable as the glorious bloom she once was.

So, it's time to water this Daisy with flowing, intelligent dialogue and supplement her intellect with rich topics of interest. I've never been able to shake my blogging mindset since I started, even during my extended internet absences, and I find myself struck by possible topics almost daily. It's become a compulsion in me which deserves to be indulged.

Now, time to reacquaint myself with written English as I found myself struggling for over an hour to write this little post despite English being my mother tongue...


Bedouin Girl said...

Welcome back! I was very sorry to hear about your loss, I hope you are doing well.

I love this blog and I plan on linking to it from my own.

I hope you write more very soon!

mummyjaan said...

Welcome back :)!

Anonymous said...


So glad to see you're back!Hope all is well with you and your family.

Peace & Blessings

Molly said...

Daisy!!! Welcome back! I missed you terribly!

InshAllah everything gets better soon, are you getting another housekeeper or has she returned? Inshallah her mother is better, its never an easy thing to lose a parent, ad my thoughts are always with you and your family and your MIL.

I look forward to reading your posts again now that you have returned. :)

Peace upon you.

Anonymous said...

Hey,hamdillah 3ala salama! Thank god I kept on checking, LOL! Hope you will be back on *track* inshallah. sf

Anonymous said...

welcome back! the blogging world hasn't been the same. xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I found your blog during your absence.... and have to say for a few days I voraciously read through it!!! So glad to see you have returned!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We've missed you.

Susan said...

I'm so happy to see you back! I've been checking a couple times/week. Slow and steady. If you have to choose between the blog and the dissertation you know which way I'd suggest you lean.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back

....I hope all is well. I have just gotten aquainted with you blog and I love it..

Can wait until you write more.

Mona Zenhom said...

YAY! You're back! I keep checking to see, Alhamdullilah. I hope things get better, looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

This is Daisy's husband (wonderful DD) and i would like to say that I missed your blogging;;;;;; my lovely Daisy. Welcom back.
I would like to tell everybody who reads this blog that I am killing myself working at home doing all the housework (cleaning, changing diapers, cooking, ....etc).
you know what!!!!!I just cannot continue BS'ing you. Daisy....Allah will help you...I will make Daa'a 4 u. bye

Molly said...

awww!!! someone else's dorky husband leaves sweet comments on their blog!!!!!!


MashAllah. MashAllah. MashAllah.

Kris said...

I found your blog while you were "gone" too... & am glad to see that you are back. I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad :( my comment was supposed to be among the first five comments :( where did go? Daisy your blog hates me :(
Anyway, WELCOME BACKKKKK!!! I missed you so much!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

bedouin girl- ahlan, per your bio, you sound like someone who'd "get" me.

Mummyjaan- thanks

tinaahmat- been thinking about you lots lately...aren't you supposed to be coming here soon?

Molly- I'm glad you commented, you're blog looks cute and I've only read a bit so far...will return inshallah, ahlan. Our maid decided she wants to come back but nothings been decided yet.

sf- alhumdulillah u didn't give up on me, you're one of my favorite commenters so I'd hate to miss out on your input.

lost bedouin- welcome to my blog:) inshallah you'll comment regularly in the future.

mich- thanks for checking back

cairogal- awww shucks, blogging is so much more fun though:(

theangrymuslimah- judging by your blog, I'd love to hear you go off on some of the ridiculousness that goes on here!

Mona- just stopped by your blog again... glad to have a fellow Fair and Lovely hating, Payless shoes shopping sister around:)

DD- don't worry...no one believed that you do a thing around the house except contribute to the mess.

Molly- hee hee. definitely dorky, eh?

mama kalila- welcome to my blog, I hope you'll comment regularly in the future:)

Poor little lalla mona, you know blogger is crap. I've gotten to the point if I make a big comment like this one, I copy it first before I publish it because many times it's gotten "eaten", then I don't have it in me to type it out again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Daisy! :))) We were lost without you :((

[Oh no, now I've got the theme from 'Welcome back Kotter' in my head]

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

aliyah- whoa...blast from the past. Thanks for the laugh:-)

UmmFarouq said...

So glad you are back! And I completely understand the Living Dust Phenomenon that you are suffering. We have it, too, and I have tried to make the folks back home understand just how back breaking the work (upkeep, etc.) is. Good grief.

Anyhow, we missed you and it's good to see you up and at 'em again. Take care.

Umm Adel said...

Welcolm back Daisy! I was having withdrawals. Try to finish up your dissertation, it feels so good when you finally have the monster signed. Nothing like it in the world.


Aafke said...

I'm glad you're blogging again! I've discovered your blog during your absence, and enjoyed it very much!
Can I add you to my blogroll?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Daisy though I could clearly sense the sad tone overwhelming your blog. Hopefully, it will get better soon and be replaced with super sweet ones. :)

Joy said...

Assalam Alaykum
I know exactly what you mean about getting to the hair salon. Have you ever gone to Maziah hair salon. That is my husbands and his brothers shop. It is near AlObaid clinic and Al Musa hospital, when you first come into town. would love to met you there this summer, if you would be free. My husband is in Alhasa now as my fil has just passed away also. Yes, it is a difficult time.
I see in your post you are from the Great Lakes area, I am from MN. Small world, huh?
Take care, love your blog.
Um Abdullah, lipstick912002@yahoo.com