Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tussle My Hair

Silky-soft brown swirls and whirls,
flippy-floppy cowlicks and gentle waves,
there's something about Buddy's hair that says, "Please, tussle me".

There hasn't been an outing amongst people yet in which at least one person, a complete stranger, does not pass by smiling and give his hair a little tussle. On many shopping trips, up to four people of all different walks of life, have felt compelled to playfully rifle their fingers through his hair; little girls, Asian laborers, old ladies and cashiers all are drawn to my boy's head. Sometimes, the hair-tussle is accompanied by a piece of candy or a bag of chips, to Buddy's delight.

I understand the magnetic pull of Buddy's hair, I must tussle his hair several times a day myself.


Humaira said...

It is very tussalable and adorable!

Unknown said...

masha Allah
it is indeed very tussable..
:virtual tussle:

Noor said...

OMG MASHALLAH you know his hair looks 100% like my sons hair (half Saudi too). I love my sons brown wavey hair mashAllah and I am ALWAYS playing with it, lol. When I saw the pic I was like wow they look like hair twins, lol..

أبو سنان said...

That is cute. Reminds me of Sayfs here. It is getting long, and it now has some nice waves in it. In the light it is reddish blond.

After Noor's comment, maybe it is a half Saudi (nuss-nuss) thing?

I love the little guys at this age.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

humaira & the crazy jogger- **two tussles administered by mamma on your behalf**:-)

noor- Buddy and MaryJo have exactly the same hair...but then there's Miss Fuzzy-Wuzzy EttaMae who took the thin hair from me and the curly from never know what mix you'll get.

أبو سنان - I can spot a mixed kid from down the street...that signature reddish tone with the blondish streaks. Saudi kids mixed with white Arab (such as Syrian) tend to take the overall light color where our kids go nus-nus. I think European light traits are weaker against Arabian dark traits; Arabian light traits seem to be passed on more readily and intact (blue eyes/blond hair) while ours just get diluted. MaryJo is a clone of me, with a year-round tan (DD's quite dark for a non-Afro Arab and our kids are halfway between our shades). Of course, my sisters half-Mexican kids have that same reddish tone to their hair.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

You reckon that's what it is with the Arabic Euro traits then?! Makes sense to me since I have 5 kids all with brown hair, brown eyes, not a single one with my blue-green eyes yet the bil has 2 kids with blue eyes & blond hair yet neither parent does!

Back to the hair tussling... It happens to my 4 yr old and 1 year old all the time too and I don't mind that from complete strangers; it's the kissing I don't like! (Kissing the kids, not me, LOLOL) I mean... ewwwwww!

Umm Ibrahim

SAHM4Islam said...

Somehow tussling the moniter doesn't feel the same. Ahh well:(

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous masha'Allah! I just came back from visiting my friend she is a white puerto rican and her husband is egyptian. Their daughter who is three is gorgeous masha'Allah and has beautiful honey-blond curly hair and her eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows are exactly the same color as her hair. Gorgeous little girl masha'Allah, her wild locks match her vivacious personality. I was guilty of tussling her hair as well, and I'm sending a "cyber tussle" for your little guy too!

أبو سنان said...

I dont know. Both of my boys have blondish hair and hazel eyes. Sayf could pass for a white boy anyday, everyone says he looks like me.

Sinan has the blondish hair and hazel eyes as well, but his eyes are large and his lips are full, and that certainly didnt come from my German side.

My wife and SIL say that with Sinan people will be able to tell he is part Arab.

My wife's family is a toss up, her father was a vcery dark Arab, but on her mothers side that have Indonesian blood and are very light.

Miss Muslimah said...

My son has a head full of tight little curls(like me)- grown women squeal when they see his hair-they love it! Its quite amusing for me...what wasnt too amusing is combing out those locks when I washed his hair...a curly afro,is what he had...I had to chop it off a couple months ago because combing it was too painful...for both of us...but its comin back with a vengeance!

Susan said... looks very soft. We've seen Etta Mae's hair; now Buddy's...who's next? ;)

Miss Muslimah said...

Wow,how self absorbed was that last comment I made!...sorry daisy didnt mean to take up space on your blog to talk about my son!

I love buddy's looks so soft and easy to manage,not to mention tussable!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

stranger in this dunya- my husbands family looks like those old Benetton ads: people ranging from blond with blue eyes to dark like my husband. There's a branch of his mothers family that's famous in this town for their "whiteness".

Layan- *tussle administered on your behalf by mamma*:)

dalioness- normally when I see a "white" kids around here they have Egyptian parents. They darken up as they get older and their hair goes from blond to dark brown with age.

أبو سنان - My SIL had two really "white" boys, once they hit school age they darkened up quickly. NONE of my kids could ever "pass" for white, I've had people ask if EttaMae is part Korean! (more about that later in a future post).

Missmuslimah- I wish EttaMae's hair was proper curly but unfortunately, its usually just a shapeless fuzzy mass most of the time. I don't blame you for chopping it off...I don't like having to fuss with boy hair, got enough work with the girls hair and my own- CHOP IT OFF! "Self-absorbed" my foot...that's the point of commenting my dear...feel free to blah blah away as this is what passes as my social life these days.

Cairogal- the forgot the cat:P I just remembered her because it's time for her annual shearing. I apparently got hair issues.

the mad momma said...

what gorgeous gorgeous hair. its easy to see why its tussled by every passing stranger!

Anonymous said...

Cute mashallah! I remember when he had no hair and younger ;). sf

Kris said...

cute - i want to ruffle through it too lol.

kalila's got about the same colour too... it may be a little darker, but still. lots of those red highlights. i love it!

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

the mad momma- ahlan! I hope to see more comments from you in the future.

sf- at least he wasn't bald till age 3 like poor EttaMae was, alhumdulillah! I started this blog when Buddy was 4 months old and now he's a little time flies!

mama kalila- both Buddy's and MaryJo's hair lights up when outside...this is why I had MaryJo cover her hair far earlier than most of her peers...her hair attracted too many stares by passer-bys as she walked home from school, and she's not even blond!

Anonymous said...

His hair looks so cozy and sure calling for a tuss :)

May God keeps him safe for you