Friday, September 7, 2007

A pox on all your houses

If I were a Hasawi, I'd think y'all gave me an eye. You were so jealous at the thought of me earning my Masters that your collective bad will found its way to my family from all corners of the globe and inflicted poor little Buddy with Chicken Pox at the same time he's teething. The result: a naked, drooling, inconsolable, polka-dotted 10-month old baby with nothing but wet towels and ice-packs over him to cool his 104F (40C) fever for the past three nights. I have the night shift when his fever's the worst and must be monitored carefully, and my housekeeper is taking him for a few hours in the afternoon so I can get a few ZZZ's.

This is not conducive to finishing my dissertation!

At least I'm not so arrogant as to really believe that the entire cosmos was nefariously aligned, at the whim of a blogging ne'er do well, just to malign little 'ol me. But then again, I'm not Hasawi.


Lynn said...

Please don't tell me that picture is of your poor baby's chicken pox! If so, he's got it bad!

He would probably like a nice cool oatmeal bath if you have that there.

hema said...

is this supposed to be a test to see if we are doing our job?? stop blogging!
i'm gonna go read the post now!

Anonymous said...

Hope he feels better inshallah. Did you vaccinate him against chicken pox??Try calamine lotion(?), it's cool, poor baby. My oldest had a worse case,she still bears the scars 3 yrs later! sf

TwennyTwo said...

Salaams... oh man, I promise you I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy let alone someone as funny and down-to-earth as you... and I'm with Hema, stop blogging!

InshaAllah the girls won't catch it and you'll pull amazing powers of concentration and finish with a coherent dis. and a healing baby.


Cairogal said...

Oh no!!! baking soda and water mixed helped take the itch away when I was a kid. I hope you get back to the your dissertation as soon as the little man in on the mend!

Ann said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Oh... that's just what you need when you're already busy! Does he have it really bad? And has everyone else in the house already had it? All four of mine had it during Ramadan about 5 years ago, but alhamdulillah none of them were really miserable, and at least we got it all over with at once.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Lynn, hema, sf, twennytwo, cairogal- thanks for the suggestions and concern. Al-humdulillah I thought it was going to be awful but just as I found a thousand tiny red bumps about to erupt, he slept a full night and they never broke the surface and went away subhanullah. Someone out there made some powerfull duaa for me...Thanx!
Ann- Dang woman...4 in one go! That was one ruined Ramadan! At least a straggler with an unfortunately timed outbreak won't affect any future plans:) BTW, glad to hear from you, haven't seen you around in a while, so to speak. Or maybe I've been neglecting my blog for that long?