Saturday, September 1, 2007

Desperate Daisy won’t be blogging for a while

As if I haven't neglected my blog enough these past few weeks, now I need to take it a step further. I've been informed by the University from which I haven't technically graduated from that if I don't get my butt in gear and submit my dissertation, they'll give me a zero for it. This means that I'll graduate with a Masters degree with a big, fat, ugly D- written on my transcripts for my accumulated GPA once they've averaged the zero for my dissertation which will negate all the rest of my hard work. Imagine applying for a university lecturer's position like that:

Daisy (to perspective employer at a Saudi University): "Oh yes, I do have fancy, expensive degrees from a well respected and highly ranked English university and would like you to give me an academic position and a fat paycheck every month . "

Perspective employer: "How impressive! May I see the transcripts you're hiding behind your back?"

Daisy: "Is that really necessary? My diploma is really pretty and decorated with an official seal and calligraphy. It's proof that I really did pass…can't that be enough?"

It's now or never folks. Please root for me these next few weeks as I work sleep deprived, with a lack of resources and through the din of my children all vying for mommy's attention. I'm sure I'll get the dissertation equivalent of "Final-itis", the dreaded affliction of students around the world come assessment time, and think of witty and positively brilliant posts to write instead of working on my thesis. If that should happen, I need all of my readers to gang up on me and redirect my focus back onto my dissertation until I've finished to avoid the dreaded "D".


Cãmê£ C®úšhê® said...

Hi there stranger!,

I am with you 100%, and also is it true that if anyone fails they are out of school, this is what I heard from my husband? Maybe, I'm btw My girls are fine:d

Cairogal said...

I just submitted! I know the feeling, D. In my case, the transcripts will only show pass/merit/distinction. Which uni is this through?

Tell me what sort of resources you need. i have LOAD of electronic copies for ESL related. I don't have my access to Athens any longer, but I'd gladly send along what I have!

hema said...

you'll be missed on the blogging scene, but of course real life and education should come first.

i'll monitor your posts and comments on other blogs carefully. the sooner you finsih the sooner you can post like normal!

cairogal- ESL stuff is exactly what i need right now, if you want to send me the stuff too/instead, it would be appreciated.

OS said...

Could you tell us what the subject of your thesis is ?
It seems I kinda built up a fetish for research papers during the final project research phase in my undergraduate years.
But those were related to semantic web and information retrieval.

adiamondinsunlight said...

I wish you lots of good writing hours and not too many sleepless nights!

You will feel _so_ good when you are done :) - and what a huge accomplishment you will have behind you!

Cairogal said...

It's in the field of Special Education, OS. If anyone had access to Athens, I think Daisy could benefit from that!

Organic-Muslimah said...

good luck habibity! Focus.

Mariam said...

I hear you, daisy!! all the best - you're a great writer and thinker.

Ann said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Well, I miss your posts, but I guess you have a good excuse. :)

Insha'allah it wil be easy for you and you'll do well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck dear! sf

Pacific said...

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MikeeUSA said...

HAH! you use the gimp. That D image was made in the gimp. You cannot hide this. I know.



Opression of girls is good and fun.

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

mikee- probably, but i let someone else do all the work for me (image search letter "d"). I don't have enough time to do it myself. I am semi-fluent in geek-speak though.

p.s. oppressing men would make the world a safer, happier place:P

Sally said...

what are you getting your masters in?