Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where's My Camera!

Feeling a bit hot under your abaya? Well now there's help. Go out and buy yourself a "TIT" fan!

I think I'd need to read the enclosed instructions to see exactly how to use it 8 different ways although I've already deduced a few possibilities; left of, right of, below, above, or between your tata's.

Are you a non-Caucasian in a far-away country and don't recognize racist slurs in English when you see them? Then the "Darky" watch is for you.

I'm wondering if this is a cruel joke played by the watch-makers or another in a long tradition of linguistic nuances lost in translation (although it's transliterated as "Darky" in Arabic, not translated)

Now's my chance to post some of the pictures that I've been snapping while I'm out and about town. Besides, I don't have it in me to type actual words anyway. A few weeks ago I got to go on another whirlwind tour of Dammam and we stopped at an Applebees to eat. If you remember my issue with Bootyfood, you'll know how special these trips to a western restaurant are.

DD got his wings

Iced-tea, a particularly reviled drink in my in-laws house. Despite her seeing me make it several times, my MIL still makes the same disgusted face every time she sees me pouring tea over ice!

**DD crashes in the booth** Oh, poor baby had to drive two whole hours to get to Dammam! My heart bleeds for you! And apparently, so does my steak...all over my potatoes YUCK!


Organic-Muslimah said...


I can see the kirsh from behind the table.

I love this blog.


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Your post made me laugh so hard it wasn't halaal.

Jazakallah khairn,

nuh ibn

Lianne said...

My gosh. Well they went all out didn't they? Is that a picture of a little brown boy with headphones and hip-hop attire on the Darky box? Maybe its just my imagination.

TeacherLady said...

You should post adverts for skin lighteners! Bleach for your skin, nicccce!

Anonymous said...

LOL! So does the TIT fan really work? I would wear an AC on my back like a backpack! :)
Is Dammam near Bahrain and by how many hours/minutes??? sf

Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

Organic- just wait till i take a picture of his waist with a tape measure around it...I will one day, if only to embarrass him into losing weight. btw, your food looks so yummy!

Nuh- I'll slap a warning label on my blog (do not read while fasting:)

Lianne- the watch ad was stuck along with a few other ads on a desk where we were buying games for our kids. That "boy" is actually the latest 7up ad cartoon along with a Disney character. I think they were stuck there to cover up damage in the desk:P

teacherlady- most of the skin bleaching "treatments" are done inside salons with in-house witches mixing the toxic brew. The only thing I see is the tons of products like "Fair and Lovely" which are less sinister.
Hey- Do you think that would be a good watch for Captain Inappropriate?

sf- I haven't tried a "TIT" fan myself, but I have worn ice-packs tucked under the strap of my bra when I was pregnant last year and couldn't bear the heat during the 5 minute trip to work!
What we call Dammam is actually 3 cities who've grown together into one big city(Dammam, Khobar, and Dharan). Khobar is one of the 3 and is just a 15 minute drive across a bridge over the Gulf and through customs to Bahrain. It takes longer to go through the entry/exit procedures than to actually drive between the two countries.

Cairogal said...

Ah yes, the tit fan. I own two. Had to take their smallest model.

brnaeem said...

AA- Daisy,

You reminded me about our trip to Khobar around 3 years ago. Back then, there were no real variety of American restaurant in Riyadh (Fuddruckers was the only both Chili's and Applebees are here) so when we found Chili's in Khobar we all went crazy!

Pretty sad how the smallest of things makes a family go berzerk. LOL!

أبو سنان said...

The "darky" thing is funny. Reminds me of being a kid in Germany back in the 1970s (yes I am that old) and they used to sell a candy called "Negger Kussen" which literally means "Nigger Kisses".

Why would they call them this? Well because they were shaped like a big pair of red lips. Needless to say they dont sell these anymore, that was the 1970s afterall.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Aleikum

Here in Jordan, there is a delicious cookie thing - it's a cookie covered with gooey marshmallowish cream dipped in chocolate. It's called SAMBO. And on the package is a little black boy. It's bad advertising for such a delicious treat.